AMG Products and Services

Marketing COMMUNICATIONS / Marketing Consultant


Almond Marketing Group (AMG) is a marketing communications agency. We provide marketing support and consulting to present brands through multiple channels. AMG can be your marketing communications team or we can provide your team with the help they need to execute on important marketing plans.​ Our products and services include but are not limited to the list below. Contact AMG today to discuss how we can help with your specific marketing needs.

Creative Design for:

ads, brochures, data sheets, flyers, catalogs, press releases, articles, posters, signage and banners, 3D illustrations and graphics, website graphics, logo design, schematic drawings and icons, presentations, creative design templates, invitations (print and digital), technical paper layout, foreign language layout

Multimedia Creation for: 

animation, photos, videos, and audio
motion graphics, infographic art

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​​Trade Shows and Events

show planning and content development


for products and services, technology,

and campaigns

Digital media designs for:

websites, videos, interactive advertising, animated GIFs, eblast designs, invitations

Marketing Consulting
  • Communications strategy and execution
  • Brainstorming ideas and plans
  • Event and trade show advice
  • Printing services
  • Project management
  •  Marketing communications
  • Process review and evaluation

Branding and Promotion
Marketing and Technical Writing
  •  Internal and external target audiences
  •   Editing and proofreading
  •   Conducting SME interviews
  •   Developing content from scratch
  •   Copywriting for a variety of deliverables